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The TDS | TACTICAL DEFENSE SYSTEM is a set of techniques and tactics intended for the personal protection and intervention of security professionals.

It was designed by security professionals by bringing together the techniques best suited to the security professions, with the aim of respecting the LAW and above all the PERSON while aiming for effectiveness in the field in the face of real situations.

After 6 years of research and development, we have selected and tested the most secure protection and intervention techniques for oneself and for the aggressor, the most effective, rapid, non-destructive in order to protect the physical integrity of the person we are dealing with. we have to question.

Rich in the experience gained from many international experts ( Fred MASTRO MDS , Doug MARCAIDA Kali , Itay GIL Krav Maga , Cédric CHAPUS Tactical Silat , Christine GAGNON Predictive Profiling detection of precursor gestures of assault ) this system is THE most suitable solution to our professions which will give you the essential and now essential tools for tactical defence.

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