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Our solutions for providing temporary staff for your security company (subcontracting).


But also putting in touch with potential candidates, recruiting specific profiles, etc.

Our agents all have an excellent  level of education and training  beyond the legal minimum with more than 70 hours  training including:

  • compulsory CES concordataire theory

  • analysis of facial behavior and micro-expressions

  • non-violent communication / pedagogy-negotiation

  • social and organizational skills

  • psychology and study of the effects of drugs

  • first aid and fire prevention

  • protection and intervention techniques (TTI-P)


With the SSE Security service, we personally commit our image of quality and seriousness to each of our customers. This is why all our agents are selected and then trained in our training center in Geneva before any engagement in the field.

HSE Security

HSE Training

SSE Gangbang Proximity

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