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 Research  &  Development

Our qualitative and professional approach to security drives us to continually seek out the best methods, techniques and tools that we study, test and put into practice before presenting them to you.

Indeed, we analyze hundreds of risky situations in the field, during our missions or in collaboration with other security professionals (police, army, bodyguards, international experts) and by participating in seminars, training or international internships. These situations that we replay during training sessions in order to understand the mechanisms of violence , whether verbal, material or physical.

The HSE team is notably certified in Predictive Profiling (threat detection) by CCCG international for Cell SCAN as well as by the world expert Fred MASTRO and his MDS that we have adapted to the world of security with the TACTICAL DEFENSE SYSTEM.

Our passion for the field of security drives us to develop our knowledge and sharpen our skills, which we are happy to communicate and share with our customers and partners (internships, training, specific equipment, etc.).


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