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The skills of CELLULE SCAN make it possible to significantly optimize the observation capacity and to prevent any malicious action by triggering the intervention even more quickly.


The SCAN program was created by the international expert in predictive profiling and threat identification: Christine GAGNON and her research center specialized in the analysis of human behavior.


Thanks to SCAN skills, our "HIGHLY TRAINED EYE" specialists are able to validate their intuitions and observations with a higher degree of certainty.



SCAN skills allow to:


  •   Detect early assault gestures

  •   Identifying silent stages of escalation of violence

  •   Spot persons preparing for physical assault

  •   Detecting affiliations and dissociations in a group

  •   Analyze gait, rhythm and determine trajectory

  •   Distinguishing the different types of gazes and their meaning

  •   Interpreting hand gestures and micro-itching

  •   Improved agent and employee protection

  •   Raising the overall level of security

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